This dashboard shows our performance progress. It displays ProRail's most recent figures and performances: the performances of the day, the performances over the last 12 months (last 11 months plus the current month) and the norm (target value).

The scores are updated at the end of every day. This means that the figures shown always relate to the previous day. The performance we aim for is agreed once a year with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and recorded in our management plan.


Performance aimed at ensuring passenger trains run.


Performance aimed at ensuring freight trains run.


Performance aimed at availability of the rail network.

Veiligheid en Milieu

Undesirable events relating to sustainability, travelling, living and working safely (number in the last 30 days).


Performance aimed at the sustainable management of ProRail.


Numbers of different ProRail objects, length and use of the track.


The 5-year average